Selasa, 25 Juli 2017


The Riot Of Your Time - Scorpions

Lirik Lagu The Riot Of Your Time - Scorpions

The only king of rock has gone gone to heaven
A star on the way to the stars
Another king of rock is born, '77
Just born to be there, when it starts

'94,'95, if the world is still alive
Will be the start, for the riot of your time
Here's a ticket for a burning train
To set the world in flame
To play the hero game
Here's a ticket for the future days
You'll be the xrock king
The new electric face
A new generations mind
The riot of your time

He's got the message to be more,
A new desire
A storm full of life, wild and young
"the x-rock 1994 electric fire"
Will burn out the time, like the sun

The Riot Of Your Time - Scorpions

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